I’m sure many of you are surprised that we would ask such a silly question, but it’s important to know if your head will look good bald. Even though we support balding men to shave their heads, it’s good to understand your body, and especially head, before you do it. Even though most men look far better with a bald head than a balding one, a handful of heads aren’t shaped the best for a bald look.

Below are four things you should consider before switching to the chrome dome.

The Shape of Your Face

I know this seems like an obvious one but it’s important to note. The shape of your head and face will have a large impact on how bald looks on you. Here are the 7 different ways your head can be shaped. Personally, I feel that the only one that doesn’t look very good bald is oblong, however, there are exceptions. A great example of this is  Tim Howard. He has an oblong face but looks great and even uses his beard to enhance his bald look.

Physically Fit

One thing that really enhances the bald look is being fit. If you remember back to 10 Ways to Look Good While Balding The most attractive bald men are the ones that keep their bodies in tip-top shape. If you are thinking about getting rid of everything up top but you’re wearing an inner tube, we would suggest shedding some beforehand. Having said that, that doesn’t mean overweight guys can’t rock the bald look. The main reason why being overweight can be a negative is that it can add excess weight to your face or neck, further decreasing the positive effects of being completely bald.

Skin Tone

Also mentioned in 10 Ways to Look Good While Balding, skin tone, which plays a big role in your look. The moral of the story is that people with darker skin look better bald. This is because darker skin can hide blemishes better. However, this obviously doesn’t mean that lighter skin tones don’t look good, just take a look at Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. One way an individual with lighter skin can look better bald is by growing facial hair. This will help cover some blemishes on the face and will be a good contrast to the lighter skin.

Oddly Shaped Skull

All skulls are created equal, but some look better bald than others. If you have any serious dents or inclines in your head, maybe think twice before shaving your head. Also, any blemishes or scars you have will be magnified on your scalp and will require extra protection to prevent your skin and body from being damaged further. For me personally, I have a big scar on my head that I always make sure to lather up whenever I’m outside.

There you have it. If you’re looking to shave your head, we highly encourage it! However, make sure you run through this little checklist before grabbing the clippers.


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