Many men view going bald as a sign of weakness and loss of masculinity, almost like a dose of kryptonite. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and is actually backward. Our hair is something that we hold onto to because it weighs heavily on how we look and feel, but if you’re balding and are looking for options, I beg you to just pull the trigger and shave that sucker. The reason is, there are actually many benefits a bald guy has that many others with hair do not.


This article will dive into a handful of those benefits and highlight some key takeaways.


Okay, let’s begin with the first and most obvious aspect of going bald; YOUR HAIR IS GONE. Think about that for a moment. That male pattern baldness and receding hairline you’ve been desperately trying to hide is no longer a problem. You’re saying screw it to all the hair regrowth medication and people who have targeted and preyed on you to extract the most money possible. You are standing up and making a conscious choice not to let marketers run your grooming life and taking it upon yourself to look the way you want!


Once that hair is gone, you will begin to feel free and more confident and that confidence will translate into some new dating opportunities. Believe it or not, studies done at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that bald men are perceived as more attractive than others. The confidence it takes to shave your head is noticed by others and that bald shiny head becomes a chick magnet.


Bald men do have a lot of perks, but one of the best is convenience. Bald guys don’t have to let their hair dry or put product in it and the most strenuous exercise is just shaving. You can roll out of bed and walk out the door and still look great. However, the low maintenance aspect isn’t the whole benefit you receive. Trips to the barber shop will become a thing of the past and now you have some extra cash in your pocket.


The final benefit bald men receive is a community. Male pattern baldness affects a lot of men and shaving your head is seen as a rite of passage into the bald community. Next time you’re out at dinner or a bar, look around for another bald guy. Once you guys see make eye contact, give him a slight nod and let him know he’s a part of the group.


Alright, so here are the key takeaways


  • You Don’t Have to Hide It Anymore
  • Your Confidence Will Be Noticed
  • The Convenience is Great
  • Welcome to the Community


I hope this article helped you guys and a message to the soon to be baldies, good luck in your bald venture.

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