Many men have misconceptions about cologne and don’t know how to use it properly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a bar or office and smelt that one guy who decided everyone needed to smell his new “musk”.  See, the problem here is that this guy most likely isn’t trying to annoy people but, doesn’t know how to apply cologne the right way.

Smelling good is a choice and one that should not be taken lightly. It can help in many situations and should be planned and well executed. In this article, I will cover many different tips and tricks on the proper usage and timing of cologne.


How Much is Enough?

 The ideal amount of cologne is where people smell you but aren’t overpowered by the scent. Also, two things to consider when deciding the amount of cologne to use are skin type and weather.

Skin: The type of skin you have should be noted when applying fragrance. People who have dry skin will need an extra spray or two compared to individuals with oilier or moisturized skin who can use less. The reason behind this is moisturized skin has an easier time absorbing the cologne and will result in the fragrance lasting longer than with individuals who have dry skin.

Weather: One factor many people don’t take into account when applying cologne is the weather. When it’s hotter your scent will intensify, and the opposite effect will happen in colder climates. So, when going out in hot temperatures, cutting down the amount of cologne you use is important. Winter and Fall seasons are a time to wear more powerful traditionally masculine scents and Spring and Summer are better for citrus scents.


How to Apply Cologne Correctly

I know spraying a cloud of cologne and walking through it might be your “technique” but I would highly advise against it. If you want cologne to smell the right way and last throughout the day, applying it to the skin is the best bet. This is because spraying it on your clothes can lead to the smell of your cologne and deodorant combining to create a distasteful scent. Also, applying cologne to your skin will absorb the fragrance and stay with you longer. The best places to apply your cologne are known as the “pulse points”. These are your inner elbow, the base of your throat, and inner wrist where your blood vessels are closest to the skin. Since they are close, they produce more heat which allows your fragrance to become more potent.


One of the main reasons men go overboard on cologne is because they think it won’t last. To prevent people from making this mistake, there are three techniques on how to make the fragrance last.

  • Don’t Rub It In: If you’re applying to the neck or wrists, don’t rub those areas. Rubbing the skin where the cologne was applied doesn’t let the skin absorb the scent and will result in it dissipating faster.
  • No Clothes: Cologne is made to interact with skin, not clothes. Spraying it on your clothes will decrease the scent time and power.
  • Where to Keep Your Bottle: I know that many of you reading this right keep your cologne in the bathroom. Take it out now! Since bathrooms contain a lot of humidity and light, they tend to break down the chemicals in the cologne and decrease the intensity of the fragrances. Look to keep your cologne in areas that are cold and dark to increase the intensity of the fragrance.


When to Apply Cologne

Knowing when to apply cologne can maximize its effect and save you from smelling like a combination of things.

The best time to put on cologne is right out of the shower. The steam and heat open your pores which creates a solid environment for the cologne to be absorbed. If you have strong shampoo or deodorant, using less cologne is the smart move. If you prefer the scent of your cologne, buying less intense smelling shampoos, body washes, or deodorants can be an option.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you learn the right way to apply cologne and smell the best, no matter the time of year or day!

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