Bald or not, recognizing how you look and what you wear is important. Even more importantly when you are rocking the bald head, having a nice beard and good style to go with it will really enhance the way you look.

In this article, we are going to dive into the 8 categories of stylish men and what they look like. We did our best to come up with ones that are most common, so don’t feel bad if you feel like you weren’t represented in this group. Even though many of these looks aren’t mutually exclusive, we wanted to highlight each one individually and explain the type of person that might be rocking this look.


Corporate Power

As many of you could guess, this look comes with a suit and tie and a nice pair of dress shoes. Someone rocking the power look will tend to work in some type of business or finance environment, but that is not always the case. Many men like this style because it enhances many of your positive features and conveys a level of prestige and power. This will tend to be somebody that has a deep care for the way they look and will spend the money to look their best.








Exercise & Casual

The exercise look may be far more casual than corporate, but it can still look really good. Now brands like Lululemon and Under Armor have nice work out clothes that look stylish. A big and obvious advantage of this style is the level of comfort that comes with it. Many guys will wear it not only for the level of comfort but also the low maintenance. Being able to throw on some work out clothes and still look presentable and clean is a huge plus.








The Uniform

I want you to think Steve Jobs here. The uniform look is the guy that wears the same thing almost every single day of the week. Some guys like to do this for a couple of reasons. The first is that they know what they like, and don’t want to deviate from that. If you’ve got something that looks good and feels good, why not keep wearing it?  Second is the level of convenience. Having the same outfit to wear every day is incredibly convenient and requires minimal work. Check out this video of Dr. Dre planning his shoe fit for the week to see what I’m talking about: Dr. Dre Uniform









Rugged & Country

Alright, I have to shout out all my country and rugged folk out there. This style is considered the “man’s man” look and for good reason! The guys who tend to rock this look like being outdoors and doing work with their hands. We tend to this style among famous country singers like Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. This style doesn’t necessarily entail a cowboy hat and big belt buckle but is more geared around a simple, yet good-looking t-shirt, pair jeans, and a good set of durable boots or other shoes.








The name of the game here is man bun! If you see a guy rocking a man bun, chances are that he is falling under the hipster style. The hipster look has become the trend over the past 10-15 years and is still prevalent today. It’s relatively easy to spot hipsters because they’ll tend to be wearing some off-brand clothes with some pants that probably have a hole in them. Now in no way am I trying to bash hipsters, because I was one for a long time. It can be a great style on the right type of person. Some men can just rock a pair of Toms and a deep V-neck better than the other guy.










The Playboy

Last but not least, we have the playboy. This look is the best for single guys who have the confidence to rock it. However, having some high social status will help with this look. One of the guys that rocks this best is Russel Brand. He normally wears a button-up shirt opened to show off his chest and some crazy looking pants and shoes. Someone who rocks this look will walk into a room and draw all the attention. They like to be in the spotlight and show off their alpha status by wearing clothes that are obscure but kind of cool looking at the same time.









There are the six styles we came up with! We know there are many more, but we felt these six help encompass a large portion of the male population. If you’re curious what will look good with a bald head, we suggest you read  What to Wear With a Chrome Dome 



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