After years of hair loss Prince William took the plunge and shaved his head. He has hung on to the same hairdo for a long time, but recently he decided to switch it up and buzz it close to the head. He was first seen sporting this new style earlier in the year at the Step into Health program, which employs veterans in the National Health Service of England.

This newly shaved look completely replaced his previous wispy strands. His thinning hair has long been the subject of ridicule by the media. Furthermore, it was reported that Prince Harry and Kate Middleton even picked on Prince William about his hair loss in the past, but these jabs won’t continue if he keeps the new buzzed style.



Prince William himself has even quipped about his lack of hair when he told a hairstylist last year, “I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business,” according to People Magazine.

However, it looks like he did make a visit to the barber, and I’d bet he’s going to keep up this look for years to come.

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