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An electric shaver is often a crucial tool in a man’s shaving arsenal. They are essential when you first shave your head and are great for giving you a buzzed/short look if you don’t want to shave it all off completely. There are also numerous electric head shavers out there that proclaim to give your head a super-close shave and are often even curved to help the process. Given how important this tool is, it’s surprising how many guys don’t clean (or don’t know how to clean) their electric razor. It’s crucial that you know how to clean your electric razor, so I hope this article helps some of you guys out. Keep in mind that this guide will not explain how to clean your specific razor, but it should give you a pretty good overview of how to approach it.

Importance of Proper Cleaning

There are a couple of obvious reasons why it’s essential to clean your razor. Regular cleaning significantly prolongs the life of your razor. If you’re going to spend money on a good electric shaver, you want to get the most uses out of it that you can. The best (and only) way to do this is to clean it as often as possible.

If you don’t clean your normal razor while shaving your face, then you’re probably going to have a pretty tough time and definitely won’t get a very clean shave. The same kind of rule applies to your electric razors. While you don’t have to clean it in between each stroke, you really can’t get the closest shave possible without cleaning your electric razor often. Any buildup of oils or any other gunk can corrode the blades and cause them to get dull, significantly impacting your next shave.

Actual Cleaning

First, if your razor uses batteries, make sure to remove those before you start the cleaning process. If it charges or plugs into the wall, obviously remove it from its charging mechanism. Then, you start taking apart the shaver. Usually, the head can detach or come apart pretty easily. For some razors, there are other parts that are meant to be separated, so take those apart too. However, the most important thing is the head. Once you have separated the parts, use a small, dry brush or clean toothbrush and try to brush off as much hair or other gunk that you can from the head of your shaver. Next, run the brush across the other parts of the razor. Again, make sure you’re using a dry brush first to start the initial cleaning process. You then use the brush, hot water, and a little bit of soap to give your electric shaver a deeper clean. Before doing this, make sure your razor manual to ensure that you have a shaver that can withstand a lot of water and soap. Thoroughly scrub each part of the shaver (while focusing on the head) using the brush and soap, while also running it under the hot water. After that, rinse each part with hot water and dry them off with a towel. Keep the parts separated and leave them out for a little while to air dry. Once they are completely dry, put it back together and your electric razor is as good as new!

The actual cleaning process takes almost no time and can really change the performance of your electric razor. I hope this article helped and that you’re now well equipped to prolong the life of your electric razor and continue to dominate the shaving game!

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