Before getting into why your armpits smell and why you shaving them could be a good option, lets first talk about sweat. Now, most people know that sweat is a result of our body reducing our core temperature, however, many people don’t know why we smell. The smell is a result of our apocrine glands. These glands can only be found in a few places on our body, such as our armpits, and produce sweat which comes with a nasty odor.

Now you know the basics, lets jump in!


 Why Your Armpits Smell

Unlike other glands on the body, the apocrine glands produce a fattier liquid. This is a nightmare when it comes to odor.

The one word that can sum up the answer to why your armpits stink is bacteria. Since bacteria thrive in moist, dark and warm climates, our armpits are the perfect area for them to fester. When we begin to sweat, the bacterial process begins, and the odor starts and will intensify if not handled properly.


Does Armpit Hair Effect Sweat?

The answer to this question is no. No matter what is going on the surface of your skin, sweating occurs due to internal body heat.


Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant

 Don’t worry, we are getting to the point of this article but first, it is important to know how antiperspirant and deodorant interact with sweat and odor.

First is an antiperspirant. The sole purpose of this product is to prevent, or block, sweat and it does this by using aluminum chlorohydrate to prevent sweat from coming out of the apocrine glands.

Deodorant, on the other hand, has nothing to do with sweat because its purpose is to prevent odors from arising.

When it comes to different types of deodorant, natural deodorant brands such as Every Man Jack and Tom’s of Maine have become big among younger males.


Shaving Your Arm Pits Can Work!

Shaving your armpits can have an effect on odor and sweat!

One big benefit is that you can directly wash the surface of your skin. You will be able to get rid of bacteria easier because you are scrubbing on the actual skin.

When shaving your armpits, the use of antiperspirant will be far more beneficial. Since your armpits will be bare, the antiperspirant will become more effective in blocking the apocrine glands from excreting sweat. This will result in less sweat and fewer bacteria.


Shaving Not for You?

Some men don’t have any interest in shaving their armpits and that’s completely okay!

It really depends on what your needs are. If you’re looking to decrease odor intensity, just trimming your armpits could help.


If you have no interest in getting rid of any hair under your arms, then antiperspirant is the way to go. There are many cosmetics companies, such as Dove, that have great antiperspirants.

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