Whether you are wondering what to get for your balding father for the holidays, or maybe looking for ideas for your husband suffering from early onset hair loss. We have what you need, no need to panic. Now with the list:


1. HED Starter Pack:  HED is an all new skincare company dedicated to the needs of bald men. Their mission is truly revolutionary in the sense that it pushes balding men to take the step forward and shave their heads. With HED Skincare, all of your bald needs have finally been addressed. If you’re looking for a solid “shampoo” for your dome, a special shaving cream and the after shave that comes with it, or a hydration formula  without forgetting protective sunscreen. The HED Starter Pack has it all. In our unbiased opinion, HED Skincare is a dream come true for the bald community, as their sole purpose is to create products only for the bald scalp.



2. Razor: A good head shaving razor is an essential and must have for any bald man. For instance, you could get the Gillette Limited Edition Fusion5 ProShield Razor Gift Pack or check out our review for more razor ideas here. The Gillette Fusion 5 ProShield and ProGlide both have a ball that links the handle to the blade allowing for much more freedom when it comes to movement. It is by far the most practical cartridge razor on the market because the blades are multidirectional. In other words, since the blade is not locked into a unidirectional movement forward and backward, the ball not only allows it to also move laterally, but also to tilt at a 180° angle, there is no gap between the scalp and blade ever.









3. Balding Clippers: Whether you’re looking to keep your balding look clean or completely shave your head, a good set of clippers are important. Searching for the right set can be hard, so we wanted to help narrow it down. In our opinion, the best balding clipper out there is the WAHL 5-STAR BALDING 8110 CLIPPER, but if you want more ideas make sure to check out our review here.








4. Safety Razors: If you want a gift for someone who prefers something more vintage, old fashioned, and economical that will last him for years, you should go for a safety razor. The happy owner of such razor is risk loving and wants to master the art and rather complex technique of shaving. However, once you get the hang of it, it will be cheap to maintain as the blades for these types of razors cost around 5 cents a piece. In our opinion, we think the revamped version of the classic safety razor, The Single Edge 2.0 by Supply is the best out there. It’s the perfect antithesis of a concept that has been around for decades, safety razors, and modernity with a sleek contemporary design. A must have for the modern cosmopolitan man who values class and distinction as pillars of his personality.



5. Headbands: If you’ve ever played a land sport with a bald head, you know why a good sweatband is essential. I can’t tell you  how many times I’ve been playing rugby or basketball and had sweat drip right in my eyes! Since we have no hair to work as a barrier against the sweat, it drips down and goes wherever it pleases. However, a headband soaks that up for me and makes my life a little easier. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is take a look at the NBA. Now you know why all these bald guys are wearing sweatbands! In our opinion here at WAB, we think the JUNK Brands Baller Band Headband is the way to go, but if you need more ideas make sure to check out our article about headbands here

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