If you’re curious about the signs of balding, here are some ways to distinguish if you’re really losing your hair.

Thinning Hair: If you think that your hair is getting progressively thinner, this may be an indication that baldness is on the horizon. A good way to check for this is to compare two photos from different time periods and check to see if your hair looks thinner. Another good way to monitor your hair’s thickness over time is to take regular photos of the front and back of your hair every two to three months in your bathroom mirror and compare them to see if you are actually suffering from hair loss.

Receding Hairline: Balding often begins in the hairline and a noticeable recession is an obvious sign of balding. Once again, you can compare two photos of yourself from two different time periods and you’ll notice that a receding hairline leaves more of a “V” or “M” shape on your head.

Increasing Time Between Haircuts: If you notice that more and more time is passing by in between your barbershop visits, this may present an early sign of hair loss. The fact that your hair is simply not growing as quickly as it used to is a tell-tale sign of balding, especially if the hair on the top of your head is growing slower than that on the sides.

Excessive Hair Loss After Showering or on Your Pillow: It’s normal to lose hair when showering or brushing, and it’s alright to notice a few loose hairs left on your pillow. However, if you notice an increased or excessive amount of hair during any of these activities, there might be cause for concern.

Now if you notice any of these signs, there’s no need to panic. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to combat these early indications of balding. If you don’t want to douse your head in chemicals and spend a fortune, it may be time to shave your head and embrace the look!




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