We live in a new and changing world where people are more healthy, gender, and fashion cautious. This world has produced a new generation of young women who aren’t going to the salon to get their hair curled or using a razor to shave their armpits but instead are using that razor on their heads. A video by DAZED titled” OMG She’s Bald- the power of women with a shaved head” dives into the reasons these women shave their heads and how it has made them feel.

Models have also caught on to the trend and have begun removing their locks. Ruth Bell, a fashion model, became an early pioneer when her manager asked her to buzz it for an Alexander McQueen campaign. After the buzz, she said her self-confidence and self-esteem had risen significantly. This response is similar to other models who have mentioned that switching to the buzz cut allows them to stand out in the crowd while decreasing the competitive vibes between other models.


The film industry has also fostered an environment for women to shave their heads. In the past, actresses such as Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, and Charlize Theron have shaved their heads for roles and style preferences. However, women with buzz cuts have recently become more common and noticeable in the movie and TV  industry. A perfect example of a young girl showing off her head is Milly Bobby Brown in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. When asked about shaving her head, Miss Brown stated that it was the “most empowering moment of my whole life.” Black Panther is another avenue in which beautiful women, such as Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira, have shown off their hairdos. Both women look gorgeous with this new look and Miss Gurira said she loves the look and will continue to keep her head shaved. One common misconception is the idea that the look is low maintenance. She stated that it takes the same amount of time to keep her scalp healthy and glowing as did to keep her hair looking nice.


Even though wanting to look like famous models and actors are exciting, there are many other reasons for women to try shaving their head at least once.


  • Healthy Hair: Many women have hair that has been through the wringer, whether it’s from dying, curling, straightening,  or many other procedures which result in damaged hair. There are many ways to approach this problem, but one of the best is a buzz cut. This type of haircut allows women to have a fresh start and regrow strong and healthy hair.
  • Raise Money and Awareness: An easy way to raise some money or awareness for a cause you care about is to shave your head. There are many women who grow their hair out and then buzz it to send to Locks of Love or other foundations to make wigs. Also, shaving your head can help spread awareness of cancer and how prominent it really is in our world.  
  • Eliminate Gender Norms: Women shaving their heads has sparked conversations about gender norms and the need to crush them. Tammy Glauser, who has been rocking the buzz cut for over 10 years stated, “I think it’s good for society to see people going against what we’ve all been taught is the way we’re supposed to dress for our sex and our orientation. You realize there’s no right or wrong.” This goes to show that a woman with a shaved head makes a statement and can ignite important and influential conversations.
  • Empowerment: The last element women should take into account is the level of empowerment shaving your head will give you. There are many women who search long and hard for beauty and femininity when it’s inside them the whole time. After shaving their heads, women see themselves in a new light and realize how beautiful they really are. There are countless examples of women feeling amazing with heightened confidence after shaving their heads. Taking the leap to buzz it all off is a big choice and could have a huge positive impact on your life.



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