Balding can be a difficult and disheartening experience for many men. You’ve made it to adulthood, the problems of puberty are finally behind you, only to realize that your hair is beginning to thin. About 70% of men experience some degree of hair loss, around one quarter will experience this before turning 30. Male pattern baldness is the cause of hair loss for over 90% of men.

Losing your hair can be a tough process, especially for those unlucky enough to lose it at an early age. Many men experiencing hair loss move through a few of the stages of tragedy, including denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance. Once you’ve accepted the reality that you are in fact balding, you have one of two choices, you can either fight it or accept it. There are pros and cons to both sides, for instance at this time, hair regrowth is not an exact science but on the other hand, not everyone looks good with a bald head either.

Embracing your baldness. A large number of men look as good or even better bald, it just depends on whether you have the right head shape and facial structure to pull off this look. There are many celebrities who look great with a bald head, to name a few: Bruce Willis, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, and Dave Chappelle. Furthermore, facial hair and beards are very popular in the bald community, a beard can create a new and more masculine appearance.

If you’re not ready to embrace the bald lifestyle then you can use a variety of products and methods to try and slow or reverse the process. Unfortunately, if you decide to go this route your best chances of avoiding hair loss is to catch this phenomenon early on. It is much easier to maintain thinning hair then to grow it back. As a first step it is best to try topical solutions like minoxidil, the main ingredient in products like Rogaine, before trying finasteride – Propecia – as this drug can have harmful side effects.

Minoxidil is most effective when it is used in tandem with a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker, which prevents further hair loss. Male pattern baldness is a direct consequence of sensitivity to DHT. Another product that has proven to be effective is Lipogaine which is a DHT blocker that can be applied topically, such as a shampoo, so it doesn’t contain the nasty side effects of Propecia.

Minoxidil products can also be used to regrow hair. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, with the average hair regrowth period taking roughly between 3 to 6 months. One common side effect of hair regrowth is known as shedding which occurs during the beginning of treatment and is a good indicator that the product is functioning well. The thinning hair is “shed” and is eventually replaced by the fuller thicker hair. If none of these products are working for you, the last option for hair regrowth is finasteride. As mentioned earlier, this product can cause harmful side effects, including negative sexual performance and loss of libido.

If your hair loss has progressed too far, and you see the classic horseshoe pattern associated with balding men, it may be too late to try to regrow your hair. This leaves you with just one option, shave it off! Head shaving can be a liberating experience for balding men, they no longer have to watch their hair slowly disappear each morning. Shaving your head can be a confidence booster and can give you an exciting new look. It can be a difficult move to make, but with all other options off the table, what do you have to lose? That’s it for now, check back soon for additional balding advice and tips.

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