I truly believe that it’s important to show off your chrome dome, but we also realize that your head needs protection. So, when it comes hats, we feel that owning a few is important. However, the type of hats that look great on a bald man can vary, so I decided to pick four of my favorites.




The Snapback:

The snapback is a classic and is worn by everyone from rappers to surfers. It can be worn while you’re working out or doing pretty much anything active. It also does a solid job of protecting your head from the sun or cold. Finally, it is a casual hat that can be worn with anything except formal clothing.






If you’re more on the stylish side, the fedora is perfect for you. I have to stay I’m quite the fedora connoisseur and have worn them for a long time, so I know which ones look good and bad. For a bald head, I think the Porkpie or Flat Brim are both solid choices. I have always been a Porkpie guy because I watched Jason Mraz rock it but to each his own.






Fisherman Beanie:

For men that have sensitive scalps and are susceptible to colder temperatures, you can’t beat the fisherman style. Even though an aviator hat can protect your ears and keep your head warm, it doesn’t have the same style as this beanie. This type of hat can go with a lot of different attires and tends to look great on bald men. 







Flat Cap:

I’m a big fan of the show “Peaky Blinders” and felt I had to mention this type of hat. The great part about this hat is its versatility. You can wear it casually with friends or with more formal clothing and it still works. My dad has worn flat caps for years and they seem to never go out of style. 









There you have it, the top hats for all you baldies out there. Even though these are the ones that I like the most, we suggest trying on different styles to see what fits your head the best. Some bald men may look better in a straw fedora than a pork pie and vice-versa. Be aware of your head shape and pick the hats you feel look best! 


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