Many men dealing with male pattern baldness are absolutely terrified of losing their hair because it’s such a big part of ones look and personality. However, the science and research show that bald men have plenty of benefits, one of them being a freak in the sheets. Studies have proved that men who rock the bald look are perceived as more attractive and masculine to women.

So, if you’re bald and worried about it, don’t fret because the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Now are all bald men better in bed? No, of course not. But there are there some advantages that bald men have which they can utilize to become more attractive and more active in the bedroom.


  • Staying Fit: Health and fitness are two key drivers of sexual drive. This is for everybody, not just bald men! Treat your body like a Ferrari, not a beat-up pickup truck. What I mean by that is if you’re driving a Ferrari, you will put the best fuel in it as possible in order to keep it running at a high performance compared to a pick-up truck that takes run of the mill fuel. Treating your body well will also allow you to perform at high levels in the bedroom due to enhanced endurance.
  • White Teeth: One of the great advantages bald men have is the enhancement of other bodily features. This occurs due to the fact that there is no hair on the head, leading to people observing other aspects of the body, one of which being teeth. Rocking a bald head with a fit body and some pearly whites will lead to women rubbing your head for good luck!
  • Less Maintenance: One thing women love about bald men is the level of maintenance they require, which is close to zero. Women don’t have to deal with a clogged shower drain from hair or waiting for their significant other to get ready. Even though these seem like minute details, they can have a large impact.
  • Testosterone: This hormone plays a big role in a male’s body, affecting everything from sexual drive to hair loss. However, it is important to note that testosterone isn’t the reason for hair loss. There is an enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into a chemical known as DHT, which is can be the cause of male pattern baldness. So, it is fair to assume that bald men have a large quantity of testosterone in their body, which in turn can increase sexual appetite and manly qualities.

Here’s what I want to get across to all you balding or already fully bald people: GOING BALD ISN’T BAD! Yes, I understand it can be demoralizing and a shot at your confidence, but you have to realize all the benefits that come with it if you choose to utilize them.

When it comes to the bedroom, just shaving your head will not do the trick. Following it up with a healthy lifestyle and a level of cleanliness will allow you to maximize the return on the bald look!


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