Andre Agassi is known for numerous achievements. He’s also a Nike-sponsored sneakerhead. He got married to Brooke Shields, a supermodel, and Steffi Graf. He has also badged numerous victories as a great professional tennis player, for example, he won the Masters Cup, eight Grand Slams, through his twenty-year career.

Besides these, in the history of this sport, Agassi was given a distinctive dome. He has also tried the early mullet, the unfortunate hairpiece, and Mr. Clean-inspired shaved-head-and-earring combo. After sixteen years of his achievement at his last U.S. Open win, it becomes essential to analyze some of the hair lessons Agassi has in court and off the court.


  1. Being Observant 

The world has older people with bigger experience on the best way to be exceptionally unique. Agassi understood at a young age, just as he was bro-ing out with tennis, he was also building other great people, like Björn Borg. In the same vein, get your personal mentors, pick all the important aspects. Remember, knowledge is power!







  1. Take Measurable Risks 

The choice Andre made was prioritizing the business and keeping the party in the lower part of the list. Taking risk may have to imply going for an undercut or, on the other hand, a man bun. The moment the play is made, never forget: being confident is important.





  1. Be Careful of the Neckbeard 

If you are a guy having lots of chest hair, good luck with that. However, if you do not remember to provide a dividing line for the distance between the end of the sweater and where your beard starts, you may begin to face some difficulties.  Therefore, get a strong electric razor made for collarbones as well as other odd angles similar to the Philips Norelco number, and this would help you handle it.




  1. Never forget to Cut it Short 

Studies have proven that two-thirds of American men lose their hair at age 35. Agassi experienced this for more than a decade, but before that, all through a rough patch, he chose to do what any respectable man in his situation would: he chopped it up and did not look back anymore. Remember this when you have no other options.







  1. Accept the Bald 

In a desperate situation, it’s best to just shave. (At least save yourself some money on shampoo). All you need are a good lather, a solid head-specific aftershave, and a clean razor. You may also include the SPF-infused moisturizer since you have an entire scalp exposed already.







  1. Balancing matters most 

If you do not have hair on your head, then it’s better to grow either a beard or stubble, this would limit so much attention on your exposed scalp.







  1. Avoid the Toupee 

Do not attempt to walk around with a wig. It was easier for Agassi because it was the ‘80s, this excuse wouldn’t work for you nowadays.

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