We obviously think shaving your head is great decision for many guys, but here are 7 celebrities that prove going bald can be a huge improvement.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock has recently become one of the most popular and beloved actors in Hollywood and I would like to think a good amount of this success can be attributed to him ditching the curls and going completely bald. I think we can all agree that the look on the right is definitely an improvement.


Jason Statham

Long before he was playing basically the same role in every action movie, Jason Statham was actually a professional diver with a full head of hair. On the left, youcan see him competing with the British national team in the Commonwealth Games. As you can see, it was not a particularly great look and we’re all glad that he decided to leave his diving days – and his hair – behind him.


‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a retired WWF and WWE wrestler known for his brazen, badass persona. It’s a good thing he decided to shave his head, because the guy on the right looks a lot more badass than the guy on the left.


Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is a Canadian comedian, actor, and TV host famous for hosting Deal or No Deal and being a judge on America’s Got Talent. Mandel revealed that he actually shaved his head due to germophobia rather than natural hair loss, citing that it made him feel cleaner.


Michael Jordan

Widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan decided to shave his head pretty early in his career, succumbing to his receding hairline in 1989. Now I’m not saying this decision made him better, but MJ won his first title and second MVP in the 1990-1991 season and didn’t even make the finals in 1988-1989.


Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has become one of the most respected British actors and is recognized by his signature bald head. The picture on the left shows a young Patrick Stewart with a full head of hair and seeing this iconic actor without his shaven dome is a little unsettling. Given how he looks at 77, I think shaving his head was the right decision.


Andre Agassi

A mullet is really never a good idea, especially when it is actually later revealed to be a wig. Famous tennis player Andre Agassi rocked this blonde mane during his early playing days to cover his balding, but decided to get rid of the wig and shave it all off, sporting a much cleaner look. He shaved his head in 1995 then promptly won the Australian Open and became the number one ranked tennis player in the world for the first time. He later won his only Olympic Gold Medal in 1996. Again, I’m not saying it was his hair (or lack thereof) that made the difference, but I’m also not not saying it.


These are only a few of the many celebrities that chose to shave their head, and I think they definitely made a good decision.

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