Hello there again, it’s your friendly neighboorhood bald man with some information for the bald community. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, there is no way in hell that there are socks tailored for bald men…and you would be right. However, we know bald men are bold and confident, working in many different professions, and wearing different types of socks

In this article, we are going to look at five different styles of socks that can go with every bald man’s needs. One style we don’t go over is what we call, “The Normal” which is just a normal pair of socks from Hanes. That’s a little too boring for us, we picked other styles to focus on.


The Wall Street

The first type of sock we want to take a look at is the Wall Street style. If you’re working in finance, most likely you are dressed relatively well, maybe not always with a suit an tie, but at least a nice button down and a good pair of pants. However, in our opinion, the socks are what make the look. The Wall Street look is a good pair of socks that have some pizzazz to it. This style of stock is not for the boring or the self-conscious, but for the bold! There are all different shapes and styles that you can wear with a suit or button. These types of socks tend to look better with a solid black or dark blue suit. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even match your tie and socks!


The Shortie

Short socks have a lot of good functionality to them and are most commonly used with shorts. Wearing short socks is a lot better than wearing no socks at all for two main reasons. One, they help prevent blisters and protect your feet from any cuts or scrapes you may have. Second, they help reduce smelly feet. I can tell you from personal experience that wearing no socks can have SEVERE consequences. I had to buy shorties because I couldn’t take it any longer and it helped quite a bit. When it comes to short socks, there are two types. First, we have the ankle socks. These types of socks are most likely visible and tend to be used when working out and running. The second type of shortie is called no-shows. Even though traditionally worn by women, more and more men have decided to toss these bad boys on. Not only do they reduce the smell, but are so small that they can’t be seen. If you don’t want to look dorky when you’re going out or at work, these socks are a good choice.


The Comfy Man

I want you to think of these socks as the pair you wear on a Sunday when you’re watching sports with your buddies and throwing back a few brewskis with no care in the world. These socks hug your feet like a warm blanket that you don’t want to take off. If you need to go outside but feeling extra lazy, just keep those socks on and wear some sandals with it. This look may not be the most attractive, but who cares, you’re not trying to impress anyone. Personally, I like to slide into these socks when I go snowboarding. They’ve got some extra fluff and keep your feet nice and cozy. The picture here is a pair of wool socks. These are also super comfy and keep your feet just as warm.


The Holiday Hero

We all know that guy that wears normal socks during the year and doesn’t really switch it up. However, when Halloween or Christmas or Thanksgiving rolls around, he’s wearing specific holiday-themed socks. Aren’t those guys annoying!… Yea well that guy is me. I’m kind of a sucker for holidays and really like to get into it, hence the holiday socks. What’s great about the holiday hero look is that you can be really bold in the color scheme you pick. As seen in this picture, you can get away with pretty much anything, as long as it’s related to some type of big holiday!


The Funny Guy

Lastly, we have the funny guy. I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous socks you can think of with everything from red solo cups with ping pong balls on them to socks that have a mural of Tupac. The main supplier of these types of socks is Stance; shown here is one of their funny pairs. All Stance socks are distinguished by their logo that’s on every ankle. They do a great job of creating comfy socks that look very different, and a lot of times, are quite funny. However, they make multiple kinds of socks including all of the styles that were just mentioned.



Hope you guys enjoyed this read. We’ll be back soon with more bald content!!


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