Hopefully, you’ve put together that we strongly support the bald community and want balding individuals to fully realize the benefits of a shaved head. Having a bald head is something to proud of and admired. However, everyone does not share our passion for the bald look and we understand that there are many men out there with some really bad haircuts, so we felt the need to bring those to light.

After doing some research, we concluded that are four types of balding haircuts. Each one has its own problems and some look worse than others. We know that some famous people have rocked these looks, but let’s leave those styles for them. Below is an infographic with the name of each balding look and its description:


1) The Donut Ring

If you look in the mirror and your hair is beginning to form a ring around the back of your head, you’re in the transformation process into the Donut Ring. This look doesn’t look good on anyone and can only be worn by the infamous Danny DeVito.

2) The Comb Over

If there is one look used the most among balding guys who are desperate to keep their hair, it’s the Comb-Over. This look is a desperate attempt to convey a perception of hair, even though everyone around you knows what’s going on upstairs.

3) The Lonely Island

No one wants to be stranded on an island by themselves and neither does your scalp. The Lonely Island is when your scalp begins to show towards the back of the head but is surrounded by a sea of hair. Treat your scalp right and drain the sea!

4) Bald in the Front Party in the Back?

Famously worn by Hulk Hogan, this look is unmatched its obscenity. Even though Hulk wore it well, I have yet to find someone that can rock it like him. We suggest that if you’re seeing bald in the front, make it bald in the back.


What do you think? Do you want to walk around with the Donut Ring or Lonely Island look? I didn’t think so.

If you’re suffering from severe male pattern baldness, don’t be afraid to shave your head! There are millions of men going through the same process as you and the ones who shaved their heads are happy they did it.



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