When you take a second and think, some of the best surfers in the world have been bald. Is this surprising? Not to us! To be one of the greats in surfing, you have to be powerful but also have a level of finesse which can be seen in each of the three surfers we picked. We felt these surfers needed to be illuminated not only for their incredible talents in the water but for their baldness!

Bobby Martinez

If you’re talking about some of the best goofy footed surfers ever, you can’t leave out Bobby Martinez. He is a distinguished surfer with seven National Scholastic Surfing Association titles, an O’Neil Coldwater Classic win, and several Billabong Pro wins at Teahupoo and Mundaka which earned him Rookie of the Year in 2006. He is known for his unique style of surfing and absolute power he has behind his snaps off the top of the wave. One thing that is very interesting about this bald surfer is his rejection of the new trends in surfing. He has always been an advocate of keeping the rules of surfing the same and has not a been a fan of the sport going to Olympics and is especially against the wave pools.



Shane Dorian

Now, if you’ve read our blog for a while, you know that bald men are bold, masculine and confident. However, not many bald men have the same balls and confidence as this man. Shane Dorian started off his career surfing in competitions and won several such as the Rip Curl Pro, Billabong Pro, and many others. However, Shane really began to shine once he started big wave surfing. He is currently on the big wave tour and has won several contests and awards with the most recent being the Surfline Best Overall Performance at the WSL Big Wave Awards. Besides his arsenal of trophies, Shane created the V1  inflatable vest for big wave surfers to use when being held down. This invention came about when Shane wiped out at Mavericks and suffered a two-wave hold down that almost killed him. This man is a great surfer, visionary, and (most importantly) bald, which is why he makes the list.


Kelly Slater

I’m sure all of you knew this was coming. In #1 we have arguably the best surfer who has ever lived, Kelly Slater. Kelly has won countless contests but the statistic that stands out the most is his eleven world title wins. The World Surfing League Championship is like the Super Bowl and he has completely dominated it! However, he has recently gained acclaim for the wave pool he built known as the Surf Ranch. It’s safe to say that Kelly and Bobby don’t agree on the path of surfing, but it’s hard to argue how much fun riding that wave pool would be. However, one of my favorite projects Kelly has been a part of is “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer” video game. Not only was it addicting, but it had a few hundred cheat codes that allowed you to pretty much rule the game! This bald surfer is incredible and sets the bar high for the rest of the surfing community.


I find it interesting that some of the best surfers who have ever lived are bald. Leads me to believe there is a correlation between the two!


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