Throughout history, bald men have made an impact on the world. Every type of bald guy from sports athletes to industry moguls have helped shape our world.



We picked 15 bald men who are still alive and have done extraordinary feats in their line of work and have been recognized for those achievements.





#15-Patrick Stewart (spoilers)


Patrick has been one of most powerful actors in X-Men for years until he was killed off in latest X-Men movie “Logan”. However, his biggest and most notable role was as Capitan Picard in the famous TV show “Star Trek”.





#14-Sean Connery


Is known for his great acting job as James Bond and many other roles which led to one Academy Award and three Golden Globes.  






#13-David Solomon

This soon to be CEO of Goldman Sachs is following in the footsteps of his bald predecessor, Llyod Blankfein, with a shiny bald dome.





#12-Vladimir Putin


In charge of the largest country on this Earth and ruling with a blank stare and a bald head!





#11-Dave Chappelle

As far as comedians go, Dave Chapel has always killed it with everything from “The Chapel Show” to his Netflix Original Standups. His crass humor and hilarious skits allow him to break into the top 15. 





#10-Larry David


Known for creating Jerry Seinfeld, remembered for his dry humor in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”





#9-Dr. Phil


Considered one of the best one-hour psychologists. Remembered for his session with “catch me outside, how bout dat” girl.





#8-Magic Johnson


One of the best point guards to ever play the game and just became the president of the Los Angeles Lakers.





#7- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock has been on quite a journey going from football star to WWE king to full-time actor and weightlifter. He has been cranking out a lot of work over the past few years and even just released a shoe with Under Armor.








#6 Pope Francis

This 266th Pope has gained great acclaim for his high level of humility and care for the poor but has upset many conservative clerics in the process which has made him very popular.





#5-Samul L. Jackson

Mr. Jackson has covered all the areas of power roles from a Jedi fighter to a hitman. However, other roles such as work with Capital One show his “in your face” style of acting 





#4-Bryan Cranston

Talk about someone who plays a powerful role. Mr. Cranston is a powerful and versatile actor, going from a role as a goofy dad in “Malcolm in the Middle” to a kingpin meth chemist is “Breaking Bad.”







#3-Bruce Willis


His roles in “Die Hard” are unmatched. We believe no one is a better figurehead for the bald community.









#2-Michael Jordan


Arguably the best basketball player to ever step foot on the court. His sheer talent and clutch attitude rank him as the 2nd most powerful bald man.








#1-Jeff Bezos

Not only is he the founder of Amazon, but currently the richest man in the world, with a net worth of $142 billion!








Well, there you have it! There’s our list of the 15 most powerful bald men who are still around today.





Hope you guys enjoyed reading and we’ll be back with more article soon!

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